Researching Census, law, regulations, labour situation or Financial situations and analyzing risks are critical issues for company expanding businesses.
We will support you with our experienced lawyers by offering, market research,
economic consultation, licenses, sales services.
  • Korean national regulations that could be problems on running a business.
  • Commercial organization and legal companies.
  • Civil disputes with partners or users.
  • Industrial property dispute such as patent right or trademark registration etc.
We will provide best legal advice in those situation as quick as we can.

 We are able to offer immediate support to Japanese/Korean government or legal authority by using
"Choice" networks with law firm and accountancy firms in Japan and Korea.

 In addition to basic counseling supports, we can also avoid risks to have issues which cut big costs.


Choice는 변호사의 한국・일본 진출 기업 컨설팅 및 법률 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

"Choice" is a law firm offering management consulting and legal services to companies aiming to advance to Korea.

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